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Save Money With Bus Routes

      School Bus routes are the safest way to transport students to and from school, it reduces morning and afternoon congestion and can save the school thousands of dollars per year.

School Bus vs Carpool

      Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school safe if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends-more than 20 times safer than if they ride with a parent or other adult. Simply put, school buses are built to reduce rider fatalities and injuries in a crash.  Our drivers must earn commercial driver's licenses and receive special safety training. 

Less Congestion at Carpool

      When you consider that each school bus takes about 36 cars off the road, the effect they have on congestion becomes very clear. Just 7 buses could eliminate 250 cars from your morning and afternoon carpool. 

Let The Parents Pay For It

        We collect payments directly from the parents. The only thing we request from the school is to let the parents know routes are being offered and if they have any questions to direct them to our website.

Lower Field Trip Costs

        You already have a bus available at your school ready for your fieldtrip. We think you deserve to be part of the savings we incure with school 10% off our hourly rate. 

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